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Sequoia High School Seal

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The name Sequoia was chosen because of its association with the redwood tree. Along with that came the association with Sequoia, the great Cherokee scholar and developer of the written Cherokee language.

The Sequoia seal was adopted by the 1925-26 student body commissioners to represent the spirit of Sequoia. The seal can be seen in mosaic tile in front of Sequoia's main entrance. It is also on display in the library in beautiful stain glass. The seal is represented throughout most of Sequoia's printed material.

Every part of the seal has a special significant. The outstanding figure in the center, a giant sequoia tree, symbolizes Sequoia's strength. The rays of the sun behind the tree symbolizes the spirit of promise. The red of the suns rays which change to the blue of the sky, is a sign of loyalty to our country. School loyalty is represented by the use of purple and white in the seal.

Each ray has its own individual meaning, the right half represents the ideals of thought: Hope, Faith, Wisdom, Beauty and Idealism. The five rays on the left signify the Sequoia ideals of action: Health, Endeavor, Leadership, Glory and Joy.

The name Sequoia Union High School is written around the seal. Beneath the giant redwood appears the word Unaliyi, which is a Native American word meaning Place of Friends.

By tradition, we do not walk on the Sequoia seal. Remember, it is there to signify school spirit and loyalty.

Source: The Cherokee Manual, Sequoia Union High School, Second Edition, 1930 (A handbook for Sequoians published by the Associated Students of Sequoia Union High School)

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